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My daughter, *Rosie, was five years old when she was diagnosed on September 19, 2008, with Type I Diabetes. We started out on MDI, but in October 2010 we switched to a pump. We also added a Dexcom CGM in May of 2011. In February 2014 we changed to the Medtronic Enlite system- a pump and CGM all in one.

*Rosie is not her real name... I let her pick her own pseudonym for the blog!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quarterly appointment= down .5!

Rosie and I went in yesterday for her quarterly endo appointment & lab work.    Much to my surprise, Rosie's A1C had dropped .5 from last time, making it the lowest it's ever been... whoo hoo!   I really felt like we'd been battling a lot of night time highs lately, so I was surprised that it had dropped at all, let alone that much.

As I was still recovering from that shock, our endo  actually complimented me on how she likes what we're doing with temp basals... the compliments were another surprise.  (We love our endo, but usually wind up with a list of things to do, not compliments, LOL!)   She is a big supporter of the temp basal settings, and was pleased that I've been "experimenting" a bit more with them.  She didn't want to change anything on her permanent basal settings right now because she feels like we are doing well with using the temp basals as needed.   Edited to add: I do not mean to sound like I know what I'm doing, because I don't, LOL!   I've just been making efforts to experiment more and the doctor was pleased with that. I will share later this week what we've been trying.

Rosie has recently been having trouble keeping her Dexcom sensor on all week... by the end of the week she is picking at the adhesive and saying it's bothering her.  Our Dr. said this means that she's sensitive to the adhesives and she suggested trying a Benedryl spray before we apply the sensor, and any time during the week that we need it. I didn't even know that Benedryl came in a spray form, but we're going to try it.  (Joanne @ Death of a Pancreas recently posted about a similar problem with the Dex causing a rash on her daughter's skin... check out this post and the comments if you're having these kinds of issues.  There's also a link there to a post by Lorraine from This is Caleb with a bunch of ideas.)

All in all, it was a great appointment... I love it when we get to feel like we're on top of things D-wise.   I know it won't last, as D likes to throw us curveballs, but once in a while, it's nice to feel like we are actually the ones in control of this monster. 
Do I seem familiar? :) This blog is new, but I've been around the DOC for a while, and I've been blogging about other topics for years. I'm AmyMCGS pretty much everywhere online- CWD, Twitter, etc.


  1. Amy, I'm so happy for you!! Please write a post snout when you're playing with the temp basals. I'm starting to experiment too and I'm curious. Especially since your dr was impressed. Way to go!!

  2. @Tracy-- I edited my post after your comment, don't want people to get the idea that I really know what I'm doing, LOL! But yes, I will be glad to share what is working for us in a post later this week.

  3. I have also been playing more with temp basals at the advice of our Endo. Especially to correct a low. It has been great not giving him juice at night... I have been so worried about his teeth.

    Can't wait to hear about your "temp basal adventures" :)

  4. We just visited with your endo in Sept as well and I hear you about the compliments vs. the list of things to do LOL we have a list of things to do with H and unfortunately DH isn't completely helpful with with the endo telling us that H will be pre-diabetic in 2 two years and Type 2 in 4 scares me. Here I am with my A1C going up (it's now a 7) and I want off my medication but it's like fighting an uphill battle to get DH or even my inlaws to really care (and DH and MIL are type 2). UGH!!!!


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