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My daughter, *Rosie, was five years old when she was diagnosed on September 19, 2008, with Type I Diabetes. We started out on MDI, but in October 2010 we switched to a pump. We also added a Dexcom CGM in May of 2011. In February 2014 we changed to the Medtronic Enlite system- a pump and CGM all in one.

*Rosie is not her real name... I let her pick her own pseudonym for the blog!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Webinar for Caregivers

What: a free webinar: Health Activists: Advocating for Others
Who: Health Activist Discussion with Health Activists Marla Murasko and Janeen Zumerling
When: Monday, August 29th at 8pm eastern (the webinar will last one hour)
Where: Sign up here and you’ll get all the details

According to the WEGO Health site: 
"This webinar focuses on the joys and challenges that come with being a caregiver for someone else, especially for parents focused on the health needs of their children.  Marla and Janeen will share their own personal stories as caregivers and will discuss ways to educated and empower yourself to be a better, more effective caregiver while also maintaining your health. 

The webinar is for anyone who spends time helping to manage another’s health or caring for a patient.  Whether you’re a caregiver for a special needs child, advocating for your aging parents or relatives, or just want to know more about balancing your own needs with those of someone else, the webinar will offer something for everyone."

By signing up for the webinar, you'll also receive access to the archived version, in case you miss out on something or want to go back and watch it again.

Full disclosure: This post is my entry into WEGO Health's "Advocating for Others Contest.  In exchange for sharing the above information about the webinar on my blog, I am entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card or donation to the health charity of my choice.  You can do the same thing: just go HERE for more details!

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