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My daughter, *Rosie, was five years old when she was diagnosed on September 19, 2008, with Type I Diabetes. We started out on MDI, but in October 2010 we switched to a pump. We also added a Dexcom CGM in May of 2011. In February 2014 we changed to the Medtronic Enlite system- a pump and CGM all in one.

*Rosie is not her real name... I let her pick her own pseudonym for the blog!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Call Me MacGyver

Last night we spent the night at my sister and brother-in-law's house.  We keep a small insulated bag stocked with d-supplies for trips like this-- we just have to add in the chilled insulin right before we leave the house and we're {usually} good to go.

I thought we were good until I went to change Rosie's site this morning and discovered that the bag was out of the blue plunger/ reservoir sets.  (OK, well, that's not their real name, but I can't think of it-- the blue thing we use to suck the insulin out of the bottle and put it into a new reservoir.  I'm a little more sleep deprived that usual...did I mention that I was up all night with my new baby niece and with Rosie being low? Seriously, it was pretty much once an hour either the baby was fussing or else Rosie's Dex was beeping!)

After checking the insulin left in her pump (nowhere near enough to make it back home) and weighing my options, I finally decided to try and use a syringe to refill her current reservoir as a temporary fix.  Slowly but surely, it worked-- I got enough insulin in it to last until we could get home and do a proper site change with a fresh reservoir.

I'm not recommending this by any means, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do!  ;)


  1. Love a great MacGyver story!

  2. yup, totally gotta do whatcha gotta do

    oh, my...my brain is officially mush...ah, summer time!


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