Our D-history:

My daughter, *Rosie, was five years old when she was diagnosed on September 19, 2008, with Type I Diabetes. We started out on MDI, but in October 2010 we switched to a pump. We also added a Dexcom CGM in May of 2011. In February 2014 we changed to the Medtronic Enlite system- a pump and CGM all in one.

*Rosie is not her real name... I let her pick her own pseudonym for the blog!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Gray Ribbon

Not just a diabetes ribbon... it's also a brain cancer ribbon.  It turns out that they're both gray.  (I know, I know, diabetes also has a blue/gray one and the blue circle.)    

My sister was diagnosed last week with a large brain tumor/ cancer.  Surgery to remove the tumor went well, and the next step will be six months of chemo and radiation.  This was all very sudden and unexpected.

I usually keep this blog specifically about diabetes, but I had to take a moment to ask for your prayers for my sister.  My family has had a rough year-- my dad survived a heart attack, my mom survived kidney cancer, and now this... on top of our daily battle with Rosie's diabetes.   We appreciate any prayers you'd care to offer up--  thank you!


  1. Sending many warms thoughts and prayers her way for a complete healing. xoxo

  2. I love that the brain cancer ribbon is also grey. I lost my dad after a valiant fight with brain cancer four years ago. Today he would have been 80.
    I love that when I wear my ribbon it is for him as much as it is for Bean.
    Prayers are with you and your family!


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