Our D-history:

My daughter, *Rosie, was five years old when she was diagnosed on September 19, 2008, with Type I Diabetes. We started out on MDI, but in October 2010 we switched to a pump. We also added a Dexcom CGM in May of 2011. In February 2014 we changed to the Medtronic Enlite system- a pump and CGM all in one.

*Rosie is not her real name... I let her pick her own pseudonym for the blog!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A whole blog....

...dedicated to our life with Type I Diabetes?  It's an idea I've toyed around with for quite a while now.  I have a lot to say about diabetes, of course, but it hasn't always felt like that content belonged on my main blog, Tiny Blessings, tucked in between posts about coupon deals and Bible readings.  So, I talked to my husband and daughter, and they supported the idea of starting a blog specifically about this "diabetes world " that we live in.  And... here we are!


  1. I also have two different blogs; I like to keep all the diabetes stuff separated for some reason. Trying to bring a bit of order to our chaotic life.

    Congrats on your new "home"!

  2. P.S. I read your other blog, but don't have you on my blogroll... mind if I add you?

  3. @Joanne- Of course, feel free to add me! Thanks!

  4. Nice to "meet" you! I love finding other d-mamas :)

  5. Great idea! I am adding you to my blog roll now! xo


Next to the doctor's office, I think some of the best diabetes tips I've ever gotten have come from discussions in the comment sections of diabetes blogs. :)